Professional Services

Rpickering services include premier landscape designs and top notch irrigation designs. These designs are furnished to irrigators, builders and property owners.

Landscape Architects also count on RPickering irrigation designs, largely because the designs reflect Bob Pickering’s years of plant knowledge.

Beyond Code Compliance

An R Pickering Design will be compliant with city as well as Texas (TCEQ) state codes. It will not only be compliant legally, it will be done with proper installation in mind. In addition, the design will contribute to a budget-conscious installation. And GUESS WHAT! — it will look* like a good design to the inspector or builder or property owner.

These designs are based on years of design practice. As to plant expertise, it started when we owned Lake June Garden Center, which was a well-known nursery and garden center in the Pleasant Grove area of Dallas. We also owned Pickerings which was an outstanding nursery/garden center in the Lake Highlands area of Dallas.

*More About Bob Pickering

Interesting that the expertise in design began several years earlier than the garden centers. This came from several years in the music business. Bob was a composer, arranger, conductor, record producer and recording studio designer. What difference does this make? Answer: Bob found that a composition or acoustic design needed two elements. One was that it had to do the job. The other was that it needed to look like it would do the job. Players did a better job if the music looked like it would sound good. Performers performed better if the studio looked like it had good acoustics. Appearance isn’t everything, but it’s more important than many realize!

You will find that an RPickering design will serve two purposes. It will be properly done. And it will look like it is properly done. — Bob Pickering